Reverse Logistics Warehousing

person scanning the parcel using a scanner

Building and managing more effective logistics environments for optimized control.

  • Enhanced product control
  • Fully customizable solutions for optimum efficiency
  • Controlled environments for sensitive products
  • Robust quality control methods

Your organization can gain control and enhance recovery of assets, reduce administration time, recapture value and maintain customer satisfaction by employing a robust reverse logistics solution. This is where we can help. Whether it’s handling product returns to vendors and OEMs, including credit processing and serial number tracking, or managing your recycling process, Apple Express can assist you in developing a comprehensive reverse supply chain that will meet your company’s goals effectively and cost-efficiently.

  • Returns receipt within two or four hours from physical arrival
  • Returns triage
  • Warranty Returns
  • Return to stock
  • Return for repair
  • Hold for customer or vendor inspection
  • Returns to vendor
  • Recycling
  • Inspection: Detailed screening of returned goods for appropriate processing.
  • Quarantine, specifically for product being recalled from market