Why Same-Day Delivery is Better than Expedited Delivery Toronto

Couriers like Amazon offers expedited delivery for customers who are in a hurry. Many of us are also quite familiar of the service, and frequently choose it whenever we want orders to arrive fast. But how does it differ from a same-day delivery?

Expedited delivery Toronto is totally different from same-day delivery. When a company offers an expedited delivery service, it means that they can deliver an item faster than their customary delivery period. Say for example, if the regular delivery system entails 7 to 14 days prior to arrival, expedited delivery can be around 2 to 3 days but never on the same-day. Some courier can expedite shipping within the day, but it is only limited to nearby locations.

Same-delivery on the other hand is a standalone service that lets couriers deliver items the next day, without any qualifications as to the intended delivery location or number of parcels. However, despite that expedited service offers accelerated delivery many customers would prefer same-day courier. In this article you will learn why same-day delivery is a better option than expedited delivery Toronto.

Time-wise. Same-day couriers can ship items immediately the next day after the parcels are received in the counters. If you are in a hurry to send an item or you want faster delivery from retailers, leveraging same-day delivery assures you that the item can be received at your most expected date. Unlike expedited service, same-day couriers are very specific with their time frame and shipment strategies.

Cost effectiveness. Normally, when you want to expedite your orders, you will need to add charges to the original regular delivery rate. What the company will do is simply speed up the fulfillment process by loading the parcel to the earliest shipment and have it delivered within a shorter period than ordinary delivery. Same-day delivery on the other hand would have specific courier that ships items all at once.

The delivery is not based on the earliest shipment, thereby assuring you that your item is going to be received the next day. Compared to expedited service, same-day delivery is often less expensive although it can still be costlier than ordinary courier.

Money back guarantee. Same-day delivery offers money back guarantee and insurance. When you leverage a same-day delivery service, the company binds itself to the obligation that they must deliver a certain item within 24 hours. Should there be any breach of the contract, couriers will have to reimburse the customer of the damages arising from any delay, loss, or damages. As you see, same-delivery is based on speed of fulfillment and reliability where expedited service only serves as an option in case ordinary delivery doesn’t work.

Geographically wise. If you are shipping out to nearby places, such in the neighboring towns, you don’t have to settle for ordinary delivery which can take some weeks. Expediting your delivery would not be a very good option too since it would cost you more than paying the fair of personally bringing the parcel to your receiver. However, same day delivery will give you the benefit of being able to send items within 24 hours at a reasonable price. This is very helpful especially if you are just sending to nearby towns. It makes the process easy, simple, and less costly.