Top 8 Perks of Using Same Day Mail Delivery Service

Same day delivery service has long been an indescribable goals for most e-tailers as the demand for fast shipping transactions rise. Customers have always wanted near-instant gratification of buying in online stores and somehow leverage almost the same perks as what brick-and-mortar stores can give. At last, with the advancement of technology among Canadian couriers, both e-tailers and customers are able to enjoy faster shipping transactions.

So how is it like to use same-delivery courier? Here are some of the perks that you can have when using same day delivery service.

  1. Shorter waiting time. Unlike ordinary delivery service which usually takes around three to seven days, same-delivery service entails sorter waiting period. This is very beneficial especially for urgent deliveries or for online shoppers, who don’t want to wait for several days before receiving an order.

    For e-tailers accelerating fulfillment can also mean faster and bigger revenue. The faster companies can deliver parcels, the higher sales it can generate from loyal customers.

  2. Larger orders. For business leveraging same-day delivery service in addition to ordinary services gives customers more options. As more customers come in, orders can grow which can later turn into larger profits.
  3. Money back guarantee. Same-day delivery usually come with money-back guarantee, if the orders come in late. With this customers are rest assured that they can get something back just in case their parcels do not arrive on time.
  4. Lower inventory costs. Companies benefit from lesser costs on inventory as they ship parcels every other day. Items, especially wholesale ones do not have to stay longer in warehouses or stock rooms which allow the company to save on space and time.
  5. Higher margins. Normally when customers are in a hurry to ship something, they become less sensitive to the cost of service. This is why most companies usually have higher service fee for same-day delivery service, not only because they can ship faster but also because customers are willing to pay for a more advantageous service.
  6. Lower cost on shipping. With same-day delivery service, customers do not have to rely on expedited service which is usually more expensive. On the other hand, e-tailers that fulfill orders quickly increase their transit time frame, can use less expensive options for shipping which still converts to a higher margin.
  7. Customer loyalty – One of the core elements of business existence is loyalty from customers. Without this, it would be very easy for e-tailers to close down. Same-day delivery service is not just a trend but the easiest alternative solution for urgent shipping. According to research, companies that offer same-day delivery often attract more customers than those who don’t.
  8. Great option for nearby locations. When you’re shipping out a parcel for someone who lives next town, you don’t need to wait for longer days for the item to arrive. A same-delivery service could be just as great as sending the item on your own.

Same day delivery service has been contributing so much in the Canadian marketplace. With so many companies offering really good service, people have continued to enjoy the perks of not having to wait for several days prior to the fulfillment of delivery.