Keys Elements of a Successful Same Day Parcel Delivery

Same day parcel delivery is a key player in the distribution market. Companies enabling faster fulfillment and reaping success strive have to even strive harder to maintain advantageous benefits of being on top competitors. For most companies, balancing is the key to raise revenue. But how can you make sure that you are going to stay above everyone in the same day parcel delivery business? Do you have a guarantee to remain successful throughout the year?

In truth, delivery is a precarious business not to mention the perils that can occur anytime while the parcels in transit. However, with the right blend of elements business owners can turn every risk at their own advantage. This article outlines the key elements that courier business should take into consideration continue success.

  1. Cost of services – While same-day delivery service is really advantageous, couriers also need to consider the cost. To avoid paybacks and to save on shipment fees, companies need to choose an order cut-off time which parcels have to be in. For example, the cut off for all same-day delivery should be at 8:00 in the evening. So parcels received after the cut-off will considered to be inputs for the next day. This strategy also helps companies keep track of the total numbers of parcels every day for accounting and auditing.
  2. System of delivery – Courier business should have a robust system to manage everything. This system should define questions like: How do you prioritize your orders? How do you validate inventory? How do you make sure that the parcels have reached the receiver?

    Companies should have planning and forecasting system to keep things in order and be ready in case there are complaints or customer disputes. This helps company to become organize in terms of task assignments, distribution of functions, and facilitation of same-day deliveries.

  3. Labor – Same-day delivery requires companies to shift focus to speed ahead of other elements of fulfillment. In this regard, business need to hire the right people to join the workforce. Those with experience in logistics, deliveries, book keeping and accounting often pose advantage in the job. Also if the same-day delivery is just an addition to the previous ordinary mail delivery service, then you need to determine the types of labor that you need for change management and transformation.
  4. Same-day delivery shipping – Companies should not consider same-day delivery service as an isolation. Pick-up and delivery times should be aligned with the processing times too, customer benefits are not lost. In fact, if you can re-arrange your schedule in a way that your old equipment can still be used for the same-day delivery, then you don’t have to craft a new budget for new equipment and you don’t have to distort your original schedule for ordinary mail deliveries.
  5. Inventory – Determining the right inventory levels and control is very important for the satisfaction of customers and your business success. With this, you should be able to define and have optimum safety stock levels. You should also be able to determine between breadth and depth, including the capacity that you can handle for the same-day parcel delivery. For example, companies should have several contingency options to dispatch items for same-day delivery, in case of unexpected happenings to reduce the amount of stock kept in stores, which will serve as a bumper against slow replacement. An online list of items sent for delivery within the day should come in handy for everyone’s safety.