How Does Same Day Courier Work to Satisfy Your Business

Many of us have already heard about same day delivery couriers taking care of delivery and achieving every e-commerce’ dreams. Big companies like Google, Bing, and Yahoo allow shoppers to buy items and have them delivery through your doors. However, this time it is your moment to take the same fate as these huge stakeholders in the logistics market.

So how can a same day delivery courier help your business? Here are some of the best perks of availing a same day delivery service.

Usefulness. According to research, almost 80 percent of those who live in the urban area leverage same day delivery courier because of their fast pacing lifestyle. If your business is located in the city, it would be a plus point on your e-commerce store to be able to deliver within the day.

High consumer expectation. Almost all customers purchasing items online would ask for a same day delivery service. Stores that offer such has higher chances of retaining customers than those who don’t.

Bridging barriers. Offering a same day delivery service helps bridge the gap of time between customers wanting a fast service and ordinary delivery. With a same day delivery service your store can also dispose items faster than ordinary.


Tough Questions to Ask Before Moving to Same Day Delivery Fulfillment

Although you might be too excited to invest in a same day delivery courier right now, there are several questions that you need to consider to help you assess whether or not your decision is correct.

What is your goal? First of all, you need to set up your goals. Do you have a long line of customers who are requesting for a same day delivery? If the answer is affirmative, then it’s a good sign you need a new investment.

Does your customer need it? As you know well, you cannot just depend on your desire. Despite that it is the current trend nowadays, your customer has to need it before you invest into it.

Are you increasing your revenue? Even if you already have a complete marketing strategy, if you believe that offering same day delivery will increase your revenue is another sign you might need it.

What kind of customers do you have? It is important to track the behavior of your customers so will know what they are willing to avail. Are your customers willing to avail of a fast service for a premium price or would they prefer a free service? This is important because if your customers cannot afford a service, your service will not sell out.


Considering Costs in Investing Into a Same Day Delivery Courier

If you want to invest in a same-delivery, you also need to assess whether or not you can afford it. There are two ways you can have a same day delivery courier. Here are some things you need to consider when budgeting for a same day delivery courier.

Worker. Decide on how many workers you are expecting to work on your business. Things like their salary, uniforms, and other benefits can also affect your budget.

Third party provider. You can tap with third party providers who can take care of your delivery services. Check out quotations before buying into a certain offer.

Logistics and warehousing. Decide on where you are going to stock your deliveries. If you are serving in a specific city, it is best that you put out your warehouse near that place. The cost you need to consider are the budget for office branch, team workers, and the equipment needed to maintain delivery.