Guide Questions for Courier Company Toronto in Shifting to Same Day Delivery

Making major changes in the company such as shifting or adding a same delivery service your courier business can be a huge challenge. It does not just involved looking into internal factors of management but may also include adjustment in the entire operation, delegation of duties and functions, and equipment upgrades. So before shifting to a same-day delivery, here are some guide questions that you need for a successful transition.

Why same-day fulfillment? Determine the demand and supply chain of your specific industry. Ask yourself what the essential reasons why you need to have a same-delivery service. Is it just because you want to go with the trend? Or the demand curve of customers needing same-delivery is greatly putting a pressure on your company to provide the same service.

What benefits can same-day delivery give to your company? Assess the risk and perks that same-day delivery can bring to your company. It would also help if you can get a feasibility study, how many are your expected leads and whether or not customers would want to leverage your same-day service.

Is same-day delivery service a necessity for your business? The requirement for a same-day delivery can depend on the type of courier you are and the type of items that you ship. If you are shipping wholesale items internationally, then it would be impossible to have a 24-hour fulfillment time frame but you can have an expedited service. If you’re a local retailer, then you can opt for a same day delivery because customers would normally want to have their items ship the next day.

Do you have the manpower to help your with the transition? If you are having both ordinary and same- day delivery, make sure that you have enough men to manage your business. Most of all, make sure that you have the budget. Prepare all the equipment needed and contact contractors who are willing to work with you. Third party services can also be useful especially when it comes to insurance or contingency shipping.

What types of customers do you have? Sometimes, the necessity of having a same-day delivery can depend on your target audience. If your customers are not ready to shift to more advance shipping mechanism then so are you. You will really need time to prepare and become the deal-breaker between your customers and the opportunity of having faster fulfillment.

Will it increase or decrease your sales? Part of risk-assessment is knowing whether or not a certain shift would increase your revenue. You can have accounting staff and marketing officer to research on the possible risks of same-day courier and how it can affect the financial aspect of your company. If the result is undesirable, then your probably would not want to invest in the same.

Are you ready? The most important question above all is whether or not you are willing and ready to take the challenge. Although the demand for same-day courier company Toronto is high, there are a lot of things that you need to prepare in the long run such as your competitors. How are you going to market your service to keep you above them? How would you make sure that your customers will be satisfied? Do you have a robust marketing plan that anticipates problems that may arise in the future? How would you handle such problems?