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It will be the next chapter in the popular”DuckTales” franchise. Based on Disney, the upcoming film will tell the story of a daring and loath teenage orphan who’s transformed into a legendary heroes bird. The character of Darkwing Duck has been featured in the very first two Darkwing movies. He is a master fighter and acrobat who uses his wings to maneuver through the air.

There is 1 problem with the character, however. He’s not a real duck. Yes, Disney made the Darkwing Duck movies so as to capitalize on the success of Disney’s animated feature film”Mighty Mouse”. But that’s where the similarities end. Where the animated version of darkwing duck differs radically from the original is in its own villains.

The new Disney film “Darkwing Duck” is going to feature the new form of the first character. Rather than following the story of the comic book series, the new movie will tell another narrative, telling how the orphan acquired his abilities. Given the recent success of this newest “Men vs. Wolverine” film ( where he was played by Evan Fox), it’s clear that Disney is trying to make a new blockbuster series in a bid to remain relevant in a universe where there are literally hundreds of choices nowadays.

In the new movie, the original Darkwing meets an DuckTales Reboot Canceled After Three evil version of himself. As they struggle, they learn that they are a part of a strategy to clone themselves and start a terrorist attack on new york. It is up to Darkwing and youthful pilot Mac (Marcus Lansky) to halt the wicked copy. Disney also revealed that a brand new villain in the form of Shredder, an android who uses a compound to deaden their flesh. It’s possible that both Shredder and Darkwing will be making cameos in future episodes.

There is still no particular release date for the “Disney Made Darkwing Duck” film. No official plot has been released. But, we do understand that Disney is focusing on the young female audience for this movie. Her role within this new movie is quite exciting, as she plays a very important role in the struggle against evil.

Fans of the original animated Disney characters will delight in this fresh spin on the favorite hero. It’s unknown whether we will see Don Featherstone reprises his role as Darkwing or if we will see another young girl as Mac. It’s also not confirmed whether we’ll see any footage of Don Featherstone as Old Gringotts. There are a couple of rumors floating around about who’ll play the role, so be watching if you listen to something which appears too good to be true.