Our client, one of the world’s largest electronic transaction processing companies, required support for their continuous improvement efforts. Their goal was to improve customer service levels while reducing the cost to transport and install point of sale terminals. As their customers are affected significantly by outages or transaction processing issues, the ability to rapidly respond and correct a faulty point of sale device in the field is essential to our client’s value proposition.


The traditional business model used to execute our client’s service requirements proved to be expensive and did not meet their customers’ need for timely replacement of faulty point of sale terminals. We had to abandon many assumptions about the business and work creatively to overcome this challenge.


Apple Express developed a solution that leveraged our extensive transportation and distribution expertise. To address the response time challenge, we worked collaboratively with our client to design a new distribution network, strategically positioning inventory of our client’s critical service parts throughout Canada. Our SmartCourier™ service was able to perform the installation, replacement and testing of the client’s point of sale devices in the field, serving as both a replacement and supplement to the traditional technician business model.


As a result of our collaborative efforts, we reduced the client’s customer service costs while improving outcomes. By positioning critical service parts closer to their customers, we helped our client to improve response times and reduce transportation and labour costs. Our client is now able to respond more quickly and effectively to installation and on-site repair requests, thereby improving their customer satisfaction levels.

KeyPerformance Actions and Statistics:
  • Over 60 service centres providing four-hour response to over 40,000 merchant locations.
  • National reach to 98.3% of customer’s clients.
  • Continual geographic expansion to support customers’ growth initiatives, while reducing overall cost per order.
  • 98.1% On-time to four-hour SLA (over 12,000 transportation events per year).