Statement on Social Justice and_13

There is a lot of talk these days about the recent elections in Greece, a country I happen to be a citizen of. My opinion has always been that a government should be responsive to its people, not dictate legislation and inform citizens what they can and cannot do. That being said, I was very glad to find the former Mayor of Athens, Mr. Costasakis, has signed the”Declaration on Social Justice and Human Rights.” In it, he cites his convictions because of his work on the campaign trail for its center-left party, the PASOK. It’s really a great honour to be the former Mayor of Athens and also to stand up to the people of Greece in their hour of need.

The members of this PASOK, which was defeated in the last election by the center-right New Democracy party, had agreed upon the announcement when they took control of the country several months past. As a former mayor, I was also asked to sign the record, which I did because I feel that social justice and human rights have to be given utmost importance to Greeks and the future of the nation lies in maintaining the values which have made it what it is today. The PASOK, which is now part of the New Democracy party, has also agreed upon the announcement.

It’s really great, that pastors, monks, politicians and other high-profile personalities have signed the statement. But, it is also unfortunate that many in Greece or anywhere else for that matter have stayed silent. The hypocrisy displayed by them is unbelievable. We’re told by our religious leaders that we need to Statement on Social Justice and take care of the poor and the vulnerable. However, when the former Mayor of Athens refused to sign this statement, the same people who were supposed to care for him apparently told him to go jump off a bridge. Such hypocrisy isn’t only morally wrong, it is also inconsistent with what our allegedly high-minded religious leaders claim to stand for.

Sadly, many Greek citizens remain divided on the issue of social justice. Other people state that Greeks cannot embrace the concepts of social justice that were preached by Popes. Surely, some of these concepts can be confusing if one is not an expert in such matters. Nevertheless, it’s still good to note that Popes and priests have long ago embraced the idea of social justice.

If a person wants to understand what a Pope mentioned about social justice, one only needs to visit his encyclopedias. A quick perusal provides one plenty of ideas on just what a Pope has intended when he has referred to the need for justice. The most important thing is, that the Pope is a great spiritual teacher and an inspiration for all who stand against discrimination and injustice.

It’s also essential to be aware that the Pope’s words on the subject are nothing new. The Church has always taught that social justice is good and necessary regardless of one’s status in society. In reality, the Bible itself teaches that you is not born free but is absolutely free to select. Therefore, an individual ought to take complete advantage of her or his position and focus on social justice. Doing this will make your life much happier in the long run.